This bike is a bit of a hybrid.

Starting with a 1980 Honda XL500 frame we did numerous modifications to allow it to accept a Yamaha DT400 power plant.

After all the mods were done and we were satisfied with what we had it all got media blasted and painted with durable enamel paint.

The body work consists of a fiberglass Champion seat and a steel fuel tank.

Both have been painted with custom colored matrix Systems 2 part epoxy paint and the results are simply stunning.

Lots of upgrades have been done to bring the old into the new world.

The original Yamaha ignition and charging systems have been replaced with a modern VAPE system that gives superior spark and ignition timing is a snap.

A down swept expansion chamber was installed on the freshened up motor along with a Mikuni round slide carb and a K&N free flow air filter.

A digital speedo-tach unit has been installed and it incorporates several functions like turn indicators, high beam indicator, and so forth.

A slick little CNC made unit handles the handle bar functions on the left side for the turn signals, head light and the horn.

On the right handle bar is a discreet kill switch along with a quick turn throttle assembly.

The wheels are both aluminum rimmed units wearing street legal dirt track tires with an 18" rear and a 19" front.

The front suspension has been upgraded with some massive 48MM Showa forks and the rear suspension has gas filled shocks installed.

All the lighting is modern LED with the super bright head light and the tail light-brake light that incorporates the rear blinkers as well. The front blinkers are small LED units mounted on the custom made mount on the triple trees.

It is a super fun bike to ride and zips around town or the highway with no problem at all.