December 2020-

I needed a brake pedal and a couple brake pivot splines and they had them on hand, and for ten bucks each.

Sure beats E-Bay!​

​Devin--Bellingham, WA

August 2019-

I have had this old Suzuki GS400 track bike collecting dust in my garage for many years and I finally came to the conclusion that I would never get around to getting the bike up and running as a street bike. I contacted ST Customs and in short order I had the bike up and running and I have been able to enjoy the great summer weather riding all over the place on my race inspired street bike.

Thanks a bunch fellas!

Bob Ross--Arlington, WA

Nov 2017-

Very helpful seller, very knowledgeable

Jean-Claude Marin--Portland, OR

May 2020-

The crazy stuff going on with this pandemic has made it very hard to get anything done on my bike so, I contacted these guys to see if they could help me out. Not only did they help me out and get me back on the road but it didn't cost me an arm and a leg.

Highly recommended!...5 Stars for sure.

Jonesy--Bellingham, WA

June 2018-

My son purchased a bike on line and it had problems up the ying yang and these guys took on the project to help out an old friend of theirs even though they were not really working on bikes any more. The problems they solved were numerous and they provided us with a good running bike and directed us towards another shop that could finish up the work they could not conduct themselves.

Oneal Cortes--Shoreline, WA

August 2020-

My flat track bike needed a 19" front wheel and they helped me out with a spoked aluminum Kossman wheel for only 100 bucks.

​Can't beat that with a stick!

Mike--Seattle, WA

Spring 2013

A good solid bike at a great can't beat that.

Ken Smith--Matilda

Fall 2014

I was in desperate need for a bike to commute to work on and these guys worked with me

and took my inherited Suburban in partial trade.

They really saved my gas mileage bacon!

Nick Chambers--Virago 920 RH

Spring 2013

I had a very specific idea of what I wanted and they just knocked it outa the park for me.

Kim Armstrong--Blue Murder

Spring 2014

It's the bike I've always wanted...and now I have it thanks to ST Customs.

Chris Williams--The Renegade

Spring 2013

These guys rock!!

My bike was way beyond my expectations

Chris Drake--Blue Yonder

Fall 2013

I am far beyond just satisfied...I am Amazed

Mark Pollinger--The PHAT TRACKER

Summer 2013

I am lovin' life with my new bike.

It surpasses all my expectations.

Bob Lewis--The Doctor's Medicine

July 2017-

I had been shopping for a bike for some time and I checked out a few of their bikes and although I did not buy a bike from them they really helped me in making the correct decision for what i wanted. Not many people with do that. Great group of guys!

Grant Collins--Renton, WA

May 2016-

I love my little bobber--I now go just about everywhere on this bike and it always draws a crowd.

These guys really know their stuff!!

Tom Higgins--Buyer of The 'Lil Scamp

October 2016-

My bike will be put up for the winter and they did a great job with insuring it will be ready for riding in the spring...Thank guys.

Bob Jenkins--A grateful customer

November 2016-

I have been shopping around for a good bike for commuting to and from work and although I let them know right at the start that I was not interested in making a purchase they were still very helpful and even suggested other bike models I should consider that they didn't build or sell.

Very reputable people.

Clark D--Future Buyer

January 2020-

A friend of mine turned me on to these guys and after talking with them I knew they were the people to bring my bike back from the dead. They got it all done in like two weeks. Killer people!

Bill Collins--Lakewood, WA

May 2018-

I drove up to their shop to check out some of the used parts they had for sale. They had just what I needed and gave me a great price for the stuff I bought from them.

Freddie--Seattle, WA

 May 2015-

These guys had taken this bike in as a part of a trade for another bike they had and they explained to me that it was in pretty bad shape when they got it. Good thing for me that they are as knowledgeable with these bikes as they are because it runs perfect.

Not much to look at really...but it gets the job done and you can't beat the price.


Carl Knowles--Buyer of The Red Special -- (1979)

Really enjoying the bike, Thanks again.

Chris Back--'77 stock bike

Spring 2014

My bike is just beyond the pale and their help with cross country shipping was phenomenal.

Paul Berdault--Buyer of Carago II

October 2016-

My bike had electrical gremlins up the ying-yang--Not anymore!

These guys are great!

John Simmons--A grateful customer

August 2016-

I saw this bike for sale on craigslist and I knew i just had to have it.

I set up a time to check the bike out and was so blown away by the fit & finish of everything I bought it right then & there.

To say that I am satisfied would be a grave understatement.

Sergio Guiterez--Buyer of The Class Act

May 2018-

I bought a Honda flat track project bike they had listed in their E-Bay store and I am super stoked with it. They provided a lot of very important stuff that was not listed and they did not charge any extra for it.

​The tank is fantastic.

Great guys!

Carl Bennett--Chicago, IL

JULY 2019-

I bought the Thunder Bucket bike from these guys and I am SUPER happy with my purchase. The bike performs way beyond my initial expectations. Their attention to detail is amazing!

I highly recommend these people.

​S. Walker--Everett, WA

April 2016-

I didn't even need to test ride this bike. I knew from the moment I saw it I just had to have it. After a couple minor little glitches that were immediately addressed and resolved I rode away on my new machine.

I am TOTALLY SATISFIED and I love this bike!

Tyler Alexander--Buyer of Black Betty

December 2014-

These guys really went the extra mile in helping me not only get this rare bike from them but also it had to be shipped to California and they made that a breeze.

John Peterson--Buyer of 1986 SRX

Spring 2013

These guys went way beyond the norm in helping me not only get the bike but also get it across the border into Canada. Just exceptional.

Richard Goodard--Buyer of The Barron

December 2020-

I found a DT400 flat track project listed on VFT by these guys and the entire transaction was totally pain free and I love the project bike.

​Thanks again guys!

J R Hobbs--Sioux City, IA

Jan. 2019-

I had a project in mind utilizing my '73 TX650 and decided instead to purchase the Scuttle Butt and have some subtle modifications made to it and I am super satisfied with the results of this build.

These guys really know their way around an old XS650

​Liam P.--Everett, WA

March 2018-

I am new to motorcycle riding and I bought The Rustler from them.

I had a few hiccups along the way and these guys went way far out of their way to accommodate me in my initial journey with my new bike.

Taking the extra time and assistance to provide me with a sense of assurance went a long way to me.

​These guys definitely ROCK!

Vanessa--Blaine, WA

Jan. -- Feb. 2019-

I have been planning a bike build for quite some time and I finally decided to pull the trigger on the project. I was able to pick up a blank canvas frame and the rest of the bits to get started and they really helped me with everything along the way. Any questions I had were easily answered and we were able to build a totally killer bike.

I can't thank these guys enough!

Josh S.--Everett, WA

 March 2016-

I had gone to their shop with the intentions of purchasing a different bike all together but that bike didn't really fit me and I felt a bit intimidated by it and they suggested I try a test ride on The Yellow Zonker. I loved it and felt very secure going down the road on the bike during the test ride and I ended up buying it and riding it home, and it was a long ride too. I live down in Oregon and it made the trip without a hitch. Now I'm the envy of everyone in town.

These folks were both very accommodating and very patient and I never felt pushed at all to make a decision about a purchase from them. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a fair bargain in todays' cluttered field of motorcycle choices.

J Zell--Buyer of The Yellow Zonker

December 2019-

I have an old XS bike that I've wanted to get running for a long time and I had these guys go through my bike and now it's running like new again.

Jim Finch--Moses Lake, WA

December 2014-

I had been lusting after this bike for quite some time on line and I finally decided to pull the trigger on the purchase and boy am I one happy camper...This bike is amazing!!

David Pierce--Buyer of The Rouge

Fall 2014

I bought this bike for my wife to learn on and as it turns out I ride it now more than I ride my Harley.

Mike Blaschke--Black Bird

August 2019-

I own a very rare Yamaha TZ750 flat track race bike that has been made street legal and I had a pending magazine shoot scheduled and needed some clutch parts on very short notice. Thankfully these guys had the parts I needed and they donated them to me to help get me up and running for the shoot.

Many thanks!

Brad P.--Bellingham, WA

Jan 2018-

My daughter builds custom bikes and she picked up an XS650 that really needed a complete make over. After exploring a lot of different options I decided to purchase a re-built motor from ST Customs and I doubt I have ever made a more sound purchase decision before. The quality and attention to detail they put into it was simply amazing. They included everything needed including a new electronic ignition, a new PMA charging system and new set of Mikuni VM34 carbs jetted specifically for the XS. Truly a "plug & play" set-up.

I couldn't be happier with my purchase!

George Tsingos--Dallas, TX

November 2019-

I have been looking at this site for quite some time and I finally made the decision to get a bike from them.

The Brown Sugar has been for sale for about a year or so and once I made the trip to their shop and sat down to discuss the bike in detail I found them to be not only very knowledgeable regarding the bikes they build but also very forthcoming in regards to the on going maintenance one can expect from owning a vintage motorcycle.

I could not be happier with my purchase!

Grant Wold--Buyer of The Brown Sugar--Mill Creek, WA

June 2021-

I live in Massachusetts and had seen this fantastic bike listed on the VFT web site. My brother lives in the state of Washington and I had him go over to check the bike out and I eventually purchased the bike and had it shipped out to me here in Mass.

I love this bike!! It handles really well in city traffic and on the open highway. the fit and finish is beyond reproach.

​Hank Furman--Buyer of The Blue Bayou

Aug 2017-

Picked up a master cylinder for my bike from them. They shipped it really fast and the quality is really good. It works great. 5 Stars

Jesse Chapman--Riverside, CA

October 2014-

I needed some service work done on very short notice and they

accommodated me beyond my expectations

I recommend these guys to anyone looking for a fair price for GOOD QUALITY WORK

Tom Baily--Everett WA.

Spring 2014

My bike is Bitchin'...nothing else says it better.

Todd Foulk--Black Widow

March 2018-

I have had my XS650 for several years and was never really able to appreciate it since it never really ran right. That all changed when I took my bike to them. It has NEVER ran this good before.

​I am very satisfied and think it was money well spent.

Georgio--Seattle, WA

March 2017-

I have owned this XS650 for some time but it never really was up to snuff. I got a hold of the folks at ST Customs about my bike and they  re-did the entire wiring system for me as well as some major upgrades to what I had and i have to say that this bike has never run this good

I am frankly more than pleased with the results!

Mason Denger--owner of Custom XS650 & grateful customer

Oct 2017-

Pleased with part, well made

Jeff White--Aukland, New Zealand

March 2020-

I'm doing my own bobber build and I needed some parts for my bike and they had just what I needed and gave me a lot of very useful advice that made my build much easier to complete.

These guys are great!

Brian--Everett, WA

December 2016-

I have owned this very cool 650 Street Tracker for several years and have never been able to find the time to get it up & running like I wanted. I contacted ST Customs about my bike and they gave it a good once over and had it up & running just fine in a matter of days.

I am SUPER pleased with the results!

Craig T--owner of Custom 650 Street Tracker

Nov 2017-

Good parts and good prices...5 stars!

Kevin Finch--Daytona Beach, FL

May 2017-

I found this bike listed for sale on craigslist and went to the little shop they have in Marysville to check the bike out.

After a very short test ride I new this was the bike for me. I bought it on the spot and rode it home.

Aaron Roeder--Buyer of "RUSTY"

September 2014-

I picked up a re-built stock Special and I am completely satisfied with the bike and the way it performs.

I could have spent more elsewhere...But why??

Jim Francis--Burien, WA.

What can I say...I love my XS650 I got from ST Customs.

It is incredibly reliable and is real good on gas too.

Trevor Louiere--Buyer of Blue Boy

Aug 2017-

I drove down from my home in Bellingham to have a look at The Antagonist bike they had for sale and was immediately won over by their easy going manner. I bought the bike and have been lovin' it ever since!

Kinny Scracher--Bellingham, WA.

April 2018-

I had a few issues I needed to have addressed and even though they aren't really doing business anymore they were kind enough to help me get things working right on my bike.

Had a killer time with these guys

Ramsey Arnold--Arlington, WA

September 2016-

I have been building a little 650 bobber and I've had my motor done by two different shops in the past and each time they flaked on me.

I took my motor to ST Customs and they did a complete re-build on it for me in a matter of days and it now runs like a Swiss watch.

Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU!

George S--A thankful customer

July 2015-

I wanted to buy a bike from these guys before but that bike sold before I could get down from Canada to pick it up.

When I saw this new one posted for sale I was on it like white on rice.

​This bike is totally AWESOME!!

Amanda--Buyer of The Scrambler II

June 2017-

I needed some work done on my XS and these guys were great. Very fast turn around and I only paid for what they did...which is great.

Tom Watson--Bellevue, WA

May 2017-

I had been searching for a bike for my son for some time and I finally found a Yamaha SR500 up in Canada for him and along the way I found ST Customs and fell in love with The Antagonist. I purchased the bike and once I got there to pick it up I then discovered a bike they hadn't quite finished up...The Avenger. After a bit of additional negotiation they retained The Antagonist and I am now the proud owner of The Avenger.
The bike is flat-out AWESOME!

Truly a remarkable piece of machinery.

Steve Marlow--Buyer of The Avenger

Sept 2017-

Cool dude...good stuff...mega quick ship...highly recommended!!!!

Richard Scheffler--Dayton, OH

April 2015-

WOW--what else can I say. This bike is fabulous!

Bruce Butler--Buyer of The 'Lil Rascal

Summer 2014

 I love my bike!!

And whenever I have some problem they are always willing to help me out.

Kevin Jacco--Buyer of Da Bomba

May 2020-

I needed some parts for a bike me and my dad are building together and they had everything we needed at rock bottom prices.

​Glad I found them.

​Jeremy--Lake Stevens, WA

June 2017-

I wanted to get an upgrade done on my XS650 with a new PMA system and a Pamco electronic ignition. They did it for me that very morning and I was riding again later the same day. Incredible!

Charlie Graham--Everett, WA

Sept 2017-

I bought a rear brake set-up for my Ninja 1100 out of their E-Bay store. Shipping was super fast and it even had new brake pads on it for no additional charge. These guys are great!

Jeffery Berra--Columbus, OH

February 2016-

I totally fell in love with The Mystique bike the moment I saw it listed for sale. I had to travel quite far to get it but I contacted them about it and they saved it for me without even having to put down a deposit.

I test rode the bike and my expectations were surpassed in every regard.

I doubt I will ever sell this bike. It is just too cool to even attempt to describe.

Bob Goodwin--Buyer of The Mystique

November 2016-

My chain was broke and my frame was cracked and they fixed me up the same day & now I'm back on the road.

Highly recommended!

Jimmy "the wanker" Harris--Grateful customer

May 2015-

I had a '79 Special that was in really terrible shape and ST Customs was willing to do a partial trade toward this bike they had finished up.

Oct. 2021-

All these years later I sent them an e-mail telling them that I was not happy with the bike they sold me.

the contact I sent them is

Brock Carless--Buyer of The Black Beauty

April 2015-

I had been communicating with ST Customs for some time about this bike, and after getting some personal matters and travel out of way I was finally able to pull the trigger on the purchase of this bike...It is everything I had hoped for & more!!

Kaleb Hopper--Buyer of The Kawabunga

Summer 2013

Great bike at a great price.

I couldn't be happier!

Kayton Parekh--Buyer of Black Beauty