Our original foray with a scrambler build was such a delight for not only us but the customer as well we decided to do another one...although with changes of coarse since we're not ones to cut the same log twice.
Now this bike was built using a 1975 XS650B as a starting point.
The bike was completely stripped down to the bare frame and certain modifications were done and it all got media blasted and powder coated for a long lasting finish.
The custom fabricated bits on this bike are nearly endless but some of them are:

 A 1967 Benelli Scrambler fuel tank with a leather tank bag for holding all those important do-dads.
Custom fabricated XS1100 triple trees fitted to XV920R 37mm forks.
Custom fabricated fork brace/front fender mount for a nice solid front end.
Custom made up-swept pipes in conjunction with some 70’s era mufflers complete the exhaust set-up.
Custom made wiring loom for a simplified electrical system.
Lots of new parts have been added to the bike including:
New XS-Charge 200 watt PMA Charging System
New PWK 32mm Flat Slide Carbs and Pod Filters
New Custom made tuning fork tank badges
New AceWell 2853 Electronic Speedo/Tach
New Pamco Electronic Ignition System
New Lightweight Floating Brake Discs
New Renthall Titanium Handle Bars
New Kenda K784 “Big Block” Tires
New Bronze Swing Arm Bushings
New Anti-Gravity Li-Ion Battery
New Tapered Steering Bearings
New Aluminum Head Light Ears
New stainless Steel Brake Lines
New Nissan Master Cylinder
New Brake calipers & Pads
New Leather Solo Seat
New Wheel Bearings
New H4 Head Light
New K&L Blinkers
New O-Ring Chain
New Brake Shoes
New Gaskets
New Shocks
New Seals
New grips 

Very exiting bike to ride both on-road and off. Handles highway speeds with no problems and spirited sprints on logging roads and trails are a pure joy.
Countless man hours involved in this bike build.
A one-of-a-kind machine & not for the faint of heart.