1983 SUZUKI GR650

This bike is a fairly rare model made for only a short period by Suzuki. The engine in these bikes were the test bed for what became the original GSXR motor and the performance of this bike shows that in every respect.

The bike runs like a Swiss watch and gets down the road like it's nobody's business.

There have been some upgrades and changes to the bike from it's original stock appearance and it has been transformed into a bit of a street tracker or Scrambler style of bike.

The engine has been gone through and everything brought up to proper spec.

The Mikuni carbs have been cleaned using an ultra sonic washer and re-jetted for the increased air flow & exhaust flow of the cocktail shaker mufflers.

The bike sounds mean but not overly so and when you really hit it it barks like a rabid mongrel...and ya gotta love that!

The tank has an ultra high gloss powder coated finish and the frame has new paint.

Lots of new & custom parts....

  • New Tracker bars and jackhammer grips
  • New XR style seat and LE.D. Lucas tail light
  • New Bates style head light
  • New Brake pads and shoes
  • New Firestone ANS tires
  • New gold O-ring chain
  • New seals and gaskets
  • New speedo & tach
  • New L.E.D. blinkers
  • New breather filter
  • New mufflers
  • New mirrors



- If interested please call to set up a viewing of the bike -

(360) 386-9374