With this bike we started out using a pretty beat-up '79 Special.

It all got taken down to the bare frame and we did a few frame mods and got rid of a lot of excess weight then it was media blasted by our friends at Alternative Blasters before being powder coated over at Powder Fab.

We wanted to keep this one close to stock...but we NEVER do just stock so certain up-grades have been made to bring it into the modern era.

We used a tank from a '74 TX model and after a bit of prep work it all got painted using custom colors from Matrix Systems. It really glows in the sunlight. The '79 side covers also received the same custom paint work. 

Mechanically the motor was sound but we went ahead and double checked the internals to insure it was all within proper specifications. Then with new gaskets and seals it all got put back together.

We used a set of our Mikuni VM34 carb kits for the intake side of things and the exhaust is a custom built set-up.

It sounds great!

We swapped out the stock front end with larger forks and trees from a Yamaha XV920R and the aluminum Takasago wheels were media blasted and treated to a new powder coated finish. Coker Tire provided the Diamond tread rubber with a 450 out back and a 400 up front.‚Äč

The brakes have all been completely serviced and new pads and shoes installed.

Power comes from an Anti-Gravity 8 cell Li-Ion battery and is mounted in one of our modified battery boxes for a trimmed down fit in the stock frame mounts.

The wiring has been simplified and it all runs through just a couple fuses.

A great running and riding bike that is in search of a new home

Contact us today and take this bad-boy home.