This bike is a 1977 Yamaha XS 650 that has received some subtle but important modern improvements.
The bike was tore down and all the accumulated rust and crud from the years of neglect were removed via a generous amount of bead blasting then it was powder coated to provide a durable long lasting finish.
The motor received a top end re-build and all new gaskets and seals have 
been installed.
The motor breathes through a pair of Mikuni VM34 round slide carbs and a 
set of free flowing air filters.
The exhaust system is a set of stock head pipes with reverse cone shorty mufflers. It has a really nice tone and is not overly obnoxious to those pesky neighbors.
The stock mag wheels received a complete make over as well with 
new bearings and seals and are wrapped in Coker "BECK" tread rubber.
The brakes have been upgraded with new Nissan master cylinder in front & 
stock set-up in the rear and stainless steel brake line coupled to a pair of Yamaha/Nissan calipers with new brake pads.
The chassis has been improved with the addition of tapered steering bearings and bronze swing arm bushings.
The front suspension is a re-built set of Yamaha/KYB forks with new seals 
and progressive springs.
The rear suspension is handled by a pair of KYB  "black out"shocks.
It has a new "Bates" style chrome head light and a modern L.E.D. Lucas style tail light.
​We installed new handle bars and control modules along with new grips.