With this bike we started out with a 1982 XS650 Heritage Special and from there it all was transformed into what you see here.

As with all of our bikes it got taken down to the bare frame and certain frame modifications were done and then the frame was powder coated for a long lasting durable finish.

This bike has a bit more "Scrambler" flair to it than our last couple bikes.

We used a one-off Scrambler exhaust systems that swings up on the right side of the bike.

The motor has been given a new top end and all required seals and gaskets are all new.

The charging & ignition systems have been upgraded using the new PMA and an electronic ignition from Pamco

The tank & seat are both N.O.S. bits scoured from the rafters of a local used parts dealer that went out of business.

The seat is a marine vinyl covered cafe styled seat and the tank is and old Benelli Enduro tank.

The wheels are Yamaha-Takasago bits that have been re-laced and powder coated running Shinko street legal tracker rubber.

Instrumentation was kept simple with an Acewell digital unit for the speedo -tach & vital information.

Lighting was also kept to a minimum with a bates style head light and a Bates style LED tail light, LED lights for the tiny blinkers too.

It's a real blast to ride both on and off road and has no problem with highway speeds

It of coarse has a clear title and we are offering this bike for sale.