- 1979 XS650 -

This bike is based off of a 1979 XS650 Standard and as with all of our bikes it has been completely dismantled and re-built from the ground up. The frame and other major components have been powder coated to insure a long lasting finish.

Many new parts have been installed including;

  • A Super RARE Benelli Mojave seat & tank combo
  • New Powder coated AKRONT aluminum wheels
  • New PAMCO electronic ignition system
  • New XS-charge "PMA" charging system
  • New TC Bros aluminum intake manifolds
  • New satin black mechanical speedometer
  • New satin black electroic tachometer
  • New Biltwell "model B" L.E.D. tail light
  • New Bates style satin black head light
  • New Mikuni VM34 round slide carbs
  • New chrome cocktail shaker mufflers
  • New black chrome bar end mirrors
  • A custom made instrument mount
  • New black chrome clubman bars
  • New bronze swing arm bushings
  • New tapered steering bearings
  • New Anti-Gravity Li-Ion battery
  • New Loaded Gun rear sets
  • New Monza sport shocks
  • New brake shoes & pads
  • New chrome head pipes
  • New braided brake line
  • New gaskets & seals
  • New master cylinder
  • New drive chain
  • New PRO grips
  • New cables
  • New tires


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