This is another bike that was a joy to build, and I was quite pleased with the end result on this one.
I based this bike on one of my favorite models from my youth.
The Red Barron, which was a candy apple red '23 T bucket with a chrome German helmet for a roof.
Once I got the '65 Ducati 350 chrome tank that I used on this bike that model sort of popped into my head, and the overall color scheme for this bike was set in my mind.
I had a three stage powder coat done on the frame to achieve the candy apple red color, and the remainder of the contrast pieces were done in a matte black powder coating.
The wheels on this bike were the Heritage Special wheels with 64 spokes instead of the standard 32.
I used chrome head pipes on this one with "cocktail shaker" mufflers.
It's got after market BSA style shocks, and I went with a West-Eagle solo seat.
This bike got an abbreviated front fender installed on it, and the rear fender was shaped into a bit of a peak at the apex of it.
​It used standard XS brakes & discs up front & a drum brake set-up at the rear wheel.
I used some of my chain wheel housings for the instruments, and the Maltese cross side cover additions were Harley points covers I modified a bit to use as a visual addition.
I mean the bike is called "The Red Barron" so it's gotta have some Maltese crosses on it...right?
The motor on this bike was a real strong runner, and it pulls like a tank. 
​A very fun bike to ride indeed!!