Here is ANOTHER bike that I have built that I think is pretty cool.
What I started with on this one was a 1980 Yamaha XS 650 Special.
- Then all the work began -
I completely stripped the bike down to the bare frame, and did several frame modifications.
Then it all got sand blasted at Alternative blasters.
Then powder coated satin black at American Powder Coating in Auburn.
The engine on the bike was a great runner with only 4600 on the clock.
After A LOT of cleaning the engine was coated with high temp epoxy paint.
I replaced the stock carbs with dual DellOrto's that provides a vast improvement in throttle response, and pulling power.
I used a chrome 2-into-1 exhaust system from Mike’s XS.
I used a 1970 Harley Sportster tank on this build.
I custom made a license plate/tail light assembly with an L.E.D. Maltese Cross for this bike, and added additional brake lights in the frame ends for added visibility & safety.
Additional L.E.D. lights were also added to illuminate the license plate itself.
A custom made rear fender & a shortened front fender were fabricated & used on this build as well.
A custom made instrument housing mount was designed for the bike.
One of my “8-Ball” dip sticks was fabricated for this bike.
I also used one of my “Surfer Foot” brake pedals on the bike.
The often problematic wiring system on these bikes has been replaced with a wiring system that runs through the frame, and is a much simplified system with just a single fuse controlling the whole set-up.
It is simple set-up that is effective & out of sight.