~~This bike was a bit of new challenge for us.

We started off with a 1981 Special and set about re-configuring the bike into a mono-shock set-up.

Way too many man hours to count on this one but the end result was certainly worth all the added effort.

As is our custom here everything was taken all the way down and media blasted before being powder coated by our friends at MFI. The tank and seat assembly have been painstakingly painted with MATRIX systems custom colors and we sure like the results.

Lots and lots of new & custom stuff on this one:

• New PWK carbs & free flow air pod filters

• New XS Charge PMA charging system

• New braided stainless steel brake line

• New Pamco electronic ignition

• New CHROME mechanical speedometer

• New CHROME electronic tachometer

• N.O.S. chrome Flanders bars

• New Shinko 705 tires on Original shouldered aluminum wheels

• New brake shoes & pads

• New master cylinder

• New L.E.D. blinkers

• New L.E.D. tail light

• New tapered bearings

• New bronze bushings

• New drive chain

• New petcocks

• New cables

• New grips

The bike is a total blast to ride and receives a lot of attention when we've had it out on the road


f you’d like to check it out give us a call to set up a time to come by (360) 386-9374