This bike could easily be a full-on flat track racer. and if you removed the lights that's pretty much what it would be.
We started with a relatively mundane Standard frame and put it on serious diet. The end result was 52 pounds lighter than stock and ready to be transformed.
From there we set about sourcing the best vintage and N.O.S. parts we could put our hands on to put together a rompin' stompin' flat track racin' road rippin' machine.
We wanted to blend the best from the old with the best of new to create a one of a kind Street Tracker and we feel like we've accomplished that with this bike.
The motor got a full re-build with performance valves and stronger springs. Sings like a scorched banshee!
To get it breathing right we used a pair of Mikuni VM34 round slide carbs plumbed through some CNC machined intake manifolds and a pair of aluminum petcocks topped off with a pair of free flow air filters.
The exhaust was not over looked and a custom set of pipes were fabricated to replicate the classic TT scrambler pipes from "back in the day"
They appear to be straight pipes...but they are properly baffled internally.
The bikes power comes from a new XS Charge PMA set-up running in conjunction with an Anti-Gravity Li-Ion battery and a Pamco electronic ignition system.
This is modeled after a race bike after all but lights were a concern so we utilized modern L.E.D. lighting for all the lights. Headlight, tail light and the tiny little (but super bright) blinkers.
All of the electrics on the bike have been carefully hidden from view using internal routing for all of the wiring on the bike. The main fuse panel has easy access under the seat.
Even though this bike made to does on occasion have to we hooked up the back wheel with a new master cylinder and caliper fed via a braided stainless steel line. This all bites on to the modified 10 inch disc.
Up front we used a new Nissan 14mm master cylinder feeding fluid through a stainless steel line to the Brembo caliper and biting on to a modified 11 inch disc.
The wheels consist of a a 19 X 2.15 Takasago shoulder less rim laced up to a Talon hub up front and a 19 X 2.15 Takasago shoulder-less rim laced to a converted Honda CR Talon hub out back. These are topped off with a set of Vee Rubber DOT approved 394 tires front & rear.
The rear suspension consists of a modified Yamaha Radian boxed swing arm with new needle bearings and a pair of KYB gas filled shocks.
The drive chain is a new RK Gold 520 Racing chain.
The front end sports a re-built set of KYB forks with progressive springs.
The bars are classic Flanders dirt track bars topped off with a set of classic "coke bottle" rubber grips.

A classic British scrambler tank paired with an XR style seat from our friends at Hot Wing Glass handle the "body work" this has all been painstakingly painted using Matrix systems custom colors.

To answer a question we have gotten a few times...
YES this bike DOES have an electric starter installed.
It is just sort of hidden from view...besides the kick starter is right there and ready to use.

This bike ROARS across the dirt and does a real nice job of slidin' sideways in the empty parking lots we have tested it in.
This bike IS NOT for the feint of heart.