1983 YAMAHA XV920K
This was a very low mileage bike with only 4200 showing on the original odometer
The bike was completely dismantled down to the bare frame
Endless hours of customs fabrication work has been done to transform it into what you see here
An entirely new tail section has been added to create a solid platform for the seat assembly as well as serving as a repository for the hidden wiring and an Anti-Gravity 12 cell battery
These parts along with the frame itself have been media blasted, and then powder coated in a high gloss black finish
The tank on the bike is a custom creation using a stock Virago tank tunnel grafted to a 1974 Yamaha XS650 upper with a custom filler bung & dual petcocks added to the tank
Painstaking metal and body work were performed before the tank was lined using POR15 and then finished in a high gloss black finish with four coats of base color & two coats of clear top-coat
- The custom additions to the bike are almost endless but there are several that stand out -
- An XS650 front end assembly was added along with tapered bearings giving the bike an entirely new stance
- An Acewell speedo/tach unit has been utilized providing all the vital informationclearly in view of the rider mounted to a modified XS650 instrument cluster
- A re-positioned shock damper adjustment is located on the right side of the bike frame along with mounts for the brake light & starter solenoid
- All front end wiring is housed in a custom modified aircraft housing mounted between the fork legs
- A Bates style bottom mount headlight has been used after being powder coated gloss black (the beauty ring was left chrome)
- A vintage style Lucas tail light is mounted on the rear of the bike above the custom license plate mount
- K&L aluminum blinkers are installed front & rear which have been powder coated as well
- The triple trees have been media blasted & powder coated gloss black along with the handle bar mounts
- New black chrome Daytona bars have been used for a very comfortable riding position
- The stock foot pegs have been modified with the addition of CNC machined pegs & these have been powder coated as well- An aftermarket exhaust system has been installed and provides additional exhaust flow & a very nasty growl
- A WISE GUYS 2 into 1 intake manifold has been utilized and is mated to a Dellorto 36mm PHF Pumper carb with a tapered stainless steel mesh air filter and gets fuel flow through new thick wall fuel lines
- A Magura 1/4 turn throttle assembly has been installed
- The wheels on the bike have been media blasted & powder coated gloss black
- New speed rated Shinko rubber is shod front & rear (110X90X19--130X90X16)
- A new front brake master cylinder has been installed along with a new front brake caliper & padswith fluid being transferred using a braided stainless steel brake line
​- New rear brake shoes have been installed- New oil filter & fresh 20/50 engine oil
- The engine cases and covers have been powder coated
- New throttle cable
- New clutch cable
- New brake shoes
- New brake pads
- New K&N air filter
All-in-all a one-of-a-kind tracker/scrambler custom creation



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