This bike was an absolute joy to build.

For whatever reason this was one of those projects where everything went right.
This is the first bike I built where everything on the bike was powder coated.
There is no paint at all on this bike
So nothing to chip off.
It's based around a 1979 bike with a low mile points engine that was upgraded with a PAMCO electronic ignition system,and a high out-put coil from Mikes XS.
The tank is a one piece aluminum Arlen Ness tank, and when I initially got the tank I thought it was going to be too big...but once it got installed on the bike it flowed real nicely, and gave it a streamlined sort of look.
I again used one of "skull head" tail light/license plate mounts on the left, and the additional brake lights in the frame.
Chrome Harley style hand controls, and the rest of the items on the front of the bike are chrome as well.
I used chrome head pipes, and shorty mufflers on this one. The bike sounds real sweet with a distinct growl to it.