This bike began life as a 1975 Yamaha XS 650 that was in pretty sad shape.
Then all the work began.
This bike was completely dismantled & every single part was scrutinized for wear.
Those parts which showed excessive wear were replaced.
The sound pieces were re-built & retained.
All parts on the bike are either hand fabricated one-of-a-kind pieces, new after market or re-built original pieces.
Frame modifications were performed & everything was bead blasted at Alternative Blasters in Marysville.
Then high gloss black twin stage powder coating was done at American Powder Coating in Auburn.
The engine had only 5K on the clock & runs very strong so it has been left essentially stock with the exception of the addition of Mikuni VM 34 round slide carbs & custom hand fabricated adapters.
Free flowing chrome exhaust headers & reverse megaphones have been added as well.
With these upgrades an increase of over ten horse power from stock has been achieved.
Additional parts upgrades for this bike included:
A high heat epoxy coating was applied to the engine
Powder coated side cases
2X2 chrome headpipes with chrome mufflers
A PAMCO electronic ignition system…no points…no problems
A THUNDER-VOLT high output coil with silicone wires
Black Chrome Handle bars
High pressure Brake reservoir w/braided stainless steel lines
A somewhat rare 1971 XS-1 tank
1972 AKRONT aluminum rims…18”Rear…19”Front.
Powder coated gloss blackProgressive/KYB shocks
High intensity head light
Lucas style L.E.D. tail light
Hot Wing Glass XR 750 seat pan & saddle
​New Tires