This is a bike that was a custom build for a guy in Portland, OR.

He wanted a very 50's sort of look with aggressive tires.
I lucked out & found some original NOS Carlise flat track tires at an estate sale some time ago, and was finally able to use them on this build.
Another cool find was the early 70's Harley 250 scrambler tank I found.
This was from those Harleys that were made by Ameritchi during the AMF Harley years.
I really liked the shape of the tank, and I think it lent itself well to the look of the final design.
I used a BiltWell seat on this bike, and again I had a side mount tail/license plate set-up with a mini sized Ford replica light.
I also installed the frame end L.E.D. brake lights.
This customer wanted the head pipes wrapped to get that retro look.
I used cocktail shaker mufflers ceramic coated in a dull black finish.
This bike was always supposed to be a bare minimum affair so I used just a single speedo, and the smallest head light I could find that would still be bright enough to actually illuminate the night.
CyclPath in Kirkland had a very small light with a VERY bright Halogen bulb.
The light was chrome so I had it powder coated matte black to follow the customer's overall color scheme on this bike.
Which was: "I want everything black"