This is the build I completed following the Grey Ghost Cafe bike & Jumbalaya awhile back
I call this one BLACK BUBBA
This one is based on a '78 standard...although it has a '77 engine in it.
I re-built the Mikuni BS38 carbs and am using tapered pod air filters on them.
I again used an early Harley SX250 tank...I just like the way it looks on a 650.
After I tore the bike completely down, I cleaned it real good before doing various frame mods and then had it sand blasted prior to painting with a semi sheen black.
I Did all the normal upgrade stuff like tapered bearings, and bronze bushings and so forth.
This bike is riding on original AKRONT wheels running Barracuda rubber.
New progressive shocks out back and stiffer springs in the front forks for a bit more response.
I opted for a simple solo seat with larger rubber cushions instead of springs to keep things real simple.I used just a single speedo unit on this build
The bars are NOS HAP JONES trackers that I shaved down a bit to bring them in tighter
I added one of my Mikuni BS38 headlights as well
The tail light was an after-market L.E.D. unit mounted to a stainless steel plate mount
I went with a 2-into-1 exhaust on this one and I modified the baffles to give it a little more growl
‚ÄčAll-in-all a very fun bike to ride...especially when pitched sideways in 3rd gear in big empty parking lots!!