I used a 1980 Special II for the donor bike on this build.

The bike was built for a fella up in Canada, and was my first build using some one else's input into the overall design of the bike.
This bike utilized a Harley Davidson "KING" tank that had a silver & black color scheme so that theme was carried over to the frame.
The front half of the frame is black, and the rear section was done in silver.
The rims were powder coated with a smoked chrome finish & KENDA tires were installed.
The controls on this bike were Harley type after market units.
I installed chrome head pipes from Mike's XS & shorty mufflers from Bent Bike.
The Bates style solo seat on this bike was also something I purchased at Bent Bike.
The side cases on this one were drilled & highly polished by me.
I also polished up the tappet covers.
The rest of the bits & pieces were primarily chrome or black.