Leo Fender created the Fender Stratocaster in the mid-50's and it has gone to become the most copied electric guitar ever made. But guitar players often times gravitated towards Gibson Les Paul guitars because of their Humbucker pickups and fatter sound. Over the years players, and Luthiers began tansplanting Gibson style pick-ups in Stratocaster guitars and creating what has become known as a "Super-Strat"

This guitar is such an instrument.

It was constructed with a solid Alder body. Eastern hard rock maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard finished in a one-of-a-kind paint job that is frankly, stunning to look at.

The nuts and bolts of the instrument are:

* A Wilkenson VT100 tremolo system

* Lollar humbucking pick-ups

* a single volume and single tone control with a 3-way selector switch