For those that may want to build their own Frankenstrat guitar here is a help list I put together to assist with that endeavor. Click on the image below.

This guitar is for sale on Reverb--you can view this by following this link:

This guitar build was a real labor of love.

To any guitar player or fan of rock music in general, the impact that Eddie Van Halen had on the music world is without question. For guitar players in particular his innovative style of subtle trickery on the instrument brought forth an entirely new set of tools that could be employed on the instrument. That is, if you could figure it out.

This guitar is a replica tribute to the famous "Frankenstrat" he played for many years prior to his creation of signature lines with Kramer. Music Man, and Finally Fender with the EVH branded line of guitars and amps.

This is a hand made custom Van Halen Frankenstein tribute replica guitar.
Painstaking attention to detail to accurately reproduce the look and feel of the Eddie original.
The body is of solid alder construction and finished with accurate lacquer and Schwinn Sting Ray Red paint to obtain accuracy to the original. The body has been aged and distressed to replicate the original and has the subtle nuances right down to the 1971 quarter and baby blue paint from Wolfgang's bedroom. Just like original.
Custom made eastern hard rock maple neck with traditional skunk stripe shaped to replicate the original. The neck has an aged R-3 locking nut and headstock trus rod adjustment and M6 style sealed tuners with pearloid knobs. The neck has a natural oiled finish.
The pick-up is an EVH Frankenstein along with the red dummy neck pick-up and selector switch. It has a single CTS 500k pot and a top mount output jack.
It has an original Floyd Rose locking tremolo system installed.
This custom guitar comes with a vintage Kramer hard case case embossed with the classic Van Halen script.