This is a bike that has been built by a good friend of ours named Mike Noon and we thought it appropriate to showcase the bike here on our site.

This is a bit of an exception for us as that we have never before shown bikes built by other people. We did help with the build but we were by no means "the builders" of this bike.

He started out with a mundane & pretty beat up Yamaha DT400 but it ran & it had a title so that was a decent starting point.

Being an old moto-crosser from days gone by he had a longing for the wail of a two stroke again and his best gal Dena is the reason behind the build in the first place...but I think Mike is gonna ride this bike a time or two in my opinion.

So...he stripped it down and we helped with some frame mods and finding some obscure parts he wanted to use (like an original XS1 front wheel with a double leading brake shoe set-up courtesy of Mark Apland of Thumper Stuff)

After all the frame mods were done everything got media blasted by our friends at Alternative Blasters here in Marysville and powder coated by Powder Fab in Arlington, WA.

He tracked down some vintage Betor triple trees from under an old truck in the wilds of Oregon and though they needed some help in the beauty department they were solid units. The forks are Yamaha KYB 35mm units with some subtle modifications and a lot of polishing.

He wanted the classic look of a Champion style tracker and he sourced a Champion tank and seat and after two different stabs at the new rear hoop things got lined up the way he wanted.

The motor was a good strong runner so it basically got a good face lift and a new Mikuni VM34 was installed to get the fuel in there in a heart beat. The down-swept expansion chamber is a custom made bit from Circle F Exhaust out of Texas with the chrome plating coming from a local plating service here in Washington.

The ignition system was upgraded with a new electronic 12V system from HVC Cycle out of Lincoln Nebraska

‚ÄčThe wheels got a total re-build with 19" hoops front & rear laced up by our friends at Pro-Wheel out of Granite Falls, WA.

They are shod with Shinko 267 & 268 DOT approved dirt track tires with Good Year heavy duty tubes.

The body work was custom painted down in Arizona and it came out fantastic!

I think the photos pretty much speak for themselves...this is one SWEET bike. Scary Fast too.